A quality-focused, modern piercing studio

We opened Mint Piercing and Jewelry to bring a quality-focused, modern piercing studio to the Des Moines area.

Our top priority at Mint is safety and cleanliness. Without that, it doesn't matter how cool a piercing looks. Piercings look best when they are healthy. Our goal is to take every precaution possible to ensure that this is the case. See our safety process below on this page.

Beyond safety, we focus on creativity and aesthetics. Piercings can be simple and delicate or they can be bold and make a statement. Either way, we strive to get you what YOU want. Please visit our jewelry page to view some brands we carry and what makes them so great!

We're so thankful for the opportunity to serve our community. Please feel free to reach out to our staff if you have any questions about any of the things we do.

Our safe


Select your jewelry

First your jewelry is selected and removed from the display/back stock. Jewelry is handled with clean gloves to keep contamination to a minimum, even before sterilization.


Jewelry gets sterilized

Your selected jewelry is placed in a gauze pack along with a new, single-use needle and any other necessary implements for the piercing. An indicator is included with every pack as one more reassurance of proper sterilization. This pack is placed in a Statim autoclave cassette and the sterilization cycle is started.


Prep piercing area

Once sterilization is complete, we will head back to the piercing room and get started. The site to be pierced is prepped with alcohol and marked using a single-disposable marker (you can keep it if you want!).  Once the placement has been approved by you we prep the site with iodine.


Breathing and piercing

The piercer dons a pair of sterile gloves and removes the gauze pack from the Statim cassette. Depending on the piercing a sterile gauze drape is sometimes placed over the piercing site. (this really comes in handy piercing ears where hair can be rather unruly!)

Once the piercing is properly prepped, the piercer will have you take some deep breaths. Working with your breathing, they will pierce quickly and accurately. The jewelry will be transferred into place and secured and the needle disposed of. The iodine will then be removed with sterile saline and the piercing is complete!